Get Implants – They Restore Your Smile and Don’t Burn Your Pocket

Who doesn’t wish to have a beautiful smile? It after all makes you confident and adds to your personality. But there are times when dental issues such as a broken or missing tooth can deny you the beautiful smile you have always had. It can make you conscious and also hurt your confidence level both in your professional as well as social life. Thankfully dental implants can help restore your smile but correcting the flaws that you were born with or ones that you developed later on in your life. As the name suggests implants are artificial roots that are surgically installed on your jaws and can support crowns, bridges or dentures creating natural looking teeth.

They are a long-term solution to many teeth problems that would otherwise need regular dental intervention. Given their popularity and easy accessibility of information on the Internet you would have surely done your research on implants. Doing so there are two things you know about dental implants – they are the best way to restore your smile and secondly they are expensive. While the first is absolutely true the latter is a myth that is often taken as a truth. Yes dental implants aren’t the least expensive dental procedures you can think of but they are surely affordable. In fact dental clinics and hospitals have been attracting patients from around the world by offering the affordable dental implants in India

Restoring Your Smile

Dentistry or dental science has come a long way over the last two to three decades. Regular advancements have over time helped reduce the pain and discomfort associated with the procedures. Dental implants sit at the top of the order when it comes to restoring your smile and the natural architecture of your teeth. In fact dental practitioners see it as the next best thing to natural teeth. Unlike other dental procedures that often put severe restrictions on a patient’s lifestyle and food habits, carrying an implant is as good as carrying your natural teeth.

The Falling Prices of Implants

We started this write-up stating how dental implants don’t hurt your pocket but that wasn’t always the case. They were highly expensive and considered a procedure only meant for the elites. This is where the entire myth around their being expensive developed. But the growing popularity of implants as the most preferred treatment option in India compared to earlier times when it was just an option has meant that the prices for these procedure has come down. In fact today’s price of an implant is only a fraction of what it was a decade ago.

Dental clinics and implant manufacturers in India have been quick to realize the demand for this procedure and have streamlined costs. This has made India one of the most sought after places for implants in the world. There is constant stream of patients coming in from the most developed parts of the world to get implants at substantially lower costs than what they would pay back home.  Affordable dental implants have put India on the global map and serves as the best option to restore one’s smile and confidence.

Teeth Implants in India – 5 Interesting Things You Must Know

At Med Care Multi-Speciality Medical Poly Clinic, Dwarka we have introduced low-cost dental implants in India. With our team of super specialists, we are able to restore missing or broken teeth and along with it your smile and confidence. While we perform all kinds of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures we suggest dental implants as a permanent solution to most patients. Why do we suggest dental implants in India? Here are five interesting things that you must know about this magical dental procedure.

  1. It’s the Best Tooth Restoration Option Available
    When it comes to tooth restoration you would always look for something permanent, one that would serve you for a lifetime and there is none better than dental implants. If you opt for other options such as dentures, crowns or bridges they come with their shelf life. Depending on your choice you will need to get them replaced or adjusted every few years. But with dental implants in India, you have no such worries as it is a permanent solution to your broken or missing tooth. In fact, 98% of the people who opt for dental implants don’t need to ever worry about the tooth in their lifetime.
  2. Its Strong and Can Withstand Anything
    Given that you have a missing tooth or one that is broken you may have had to make many compromises with your food habits. And you feel this will have to continue once you have implants installed in their place. The good news is that these worries are completely unfounded as you will be able to entice your taste buds and enjoy your favourite food items after the procedure. The reason – implants are made of titanium, the same metal that is used in making spacecraft and advanced fighter jets and it can stand about anything.
  3. Implants Fuse With Your Jawbone
    Unlike dentures that look artificial, implants are made to seamlessly blend with your original teeth structure. The titanium screw is inserted deep into your jawbone and within a short span of time, it fuses with the jawbone creating a natural tooth-like structure. It is almost impossible for anyone to distinguish between your natural tooth and an implant with a naked eye.
  4. No Need To Worry About Cavity
    If you are suffering from the cavity in your tooth you already know how annoying this problem can be. While you may be practising good oral hygiene once the problem starts it is very difficult to contain it. With dental implants, you would have no such worries as they are made such that they never get the cavity or deform with age. They look pretty much the same as they did when they were installed.
  5. No Age Restriction
    It doesn’t matter whether you are 15, 45 or 60 years of age you can get dental implants any time of your life. Whenever you lose your original tooth or if it is extracted this procedure is always your best option.

Some people stay away from dental implants fearing costs but the fact is their costs have come down in the recent years and we are one of the clinics that offer affordable dental implants in India.

Dental Implants Cost in India – Are They Really Expensive?

Let us start by stating two obvious facts –

Fact 1 – Most Indians don’t opt for dental implants as they consider dental implant cost in India to be too high. They instead opt for other tooth restoration procedures.

Fact 2 – Thousands of people from developed countries visit India for dental implants and other dental procedures given that it costs around 25-30% compared to the cost in their countries. It has given birth to a term called ‘dental tourism’.

So what is the truth about tooth replacement cost in India? Considering the fact that Indians are experiencing and exploring as many luxuries in life as their western counterparts, why do these two facts contradict each other? At Med Care Multi Speciality Medical Poly Clinic, Dwarka we often get queries from our patients on dental implant costs in India and whether they are expensive. As an institution that has been offering affordable dental implants in India, we find that there are myths, societal habits that often make dental implants appear as expensive and here we quash some of those –

# The Costs Have Come Down
If we are to compare tooth replacement cost in India with where it stood a decade or two ago we see that the costs of these proceedings have come down significantly. While in some cases people have to pay less than they would have a decade back in other cases the costs have remained the same during a period when income levels have definitely gone up. Thus to say that dental implants are expensive and unaffordable isn’t based on facts and is one of the many myths that affect healthcare in India.

# Societal Habits On Healthcare Is Seen Wanting
You would be surprized to know that only 18% of Indian people have some kind of health coverage to protect them in case medical emergency. And of these 12% are the ones who are covered by some kind of government program. Compare this to the nearly 30% of Indians who own cars and 35% of people with smartphones. People in other parts of the world would find it hard to digest these figures. Vast majority of Indians don’t even deem it necessary to spend on health and when it comes to teeth replacement they often look at the most affordable procedure instead of the best option available to them.

Does that mean the situation for dental care and hygiene is extremely poor? The good thing is that we have passed on the worst phase and awareness about dental health is improving in India. Compared to how we have seen things in the past most people are no longer scared of the relatively large (implant costs are higher compared to other dental procedures) cost of implants  when they are explained the many benefits of opting for this procedure.

If you are one who has been delaying an impending dental implant procedure thinking it to be expensive research on the benefits of this procedure and you will see complete value for money in it.