How MedCare Dwarka Has Become the Chosen Clinic for Low Cost Dental Implants in India

Ever since the dawn of the new millennia India has been taking giant strides in every field and is on the verge of becoming the third largest economy in the world. The field of medical science is one which is at the forefront of India’s assertion of dominance in the world. Gone are the days when Indians would have to fly abroad to seek the best medical care and off late we are witnessing a reversal of this trend. Today people from around the world visit India for quality medical and dental treatment for quality yet at affordable cost . It has become the preferred destinations for affordable treatment in the world. ‘Medical tourism’ as it is termed is thriving in the country and along with other specialities dental care has been one of its primary contributors to this in the last few years.

At MedCare Multi-Specialty Medical Poly Clinic and Dental Lasers Centre we have led the way in offering affordable dental treatment to patients who have come from all over the world. We take pride in having served patients from three major continents apart from ours. As a multi-speciality medical care provider in India’s national capital we have been offering low cost dental implants to patients who can’t afford the high cost of implants in their respective countries. With economy of scale and a young aspirational team we are able to perform these procedures at the most competitive rates. This has helped us in establishing our credentials as the most sought after dental clinic for low cost dental implants in India. Located in the national capital also makes us easy to reach for people from different corners of the globe.

Why You Should Go for Dental Implants?

If you have a missing tooth or teeth you have two broad options at hand – first you can opt for dentures which are lower in costs or choose dental implants. In case of the former broken or damaged teeth they would have to be extracted before you can opt for dentures. The downside of dentures is the fact that they appear artificial and put severe restrictions on your chewing and biting abilities. You need to clean them regularly and over time they can wear down creating the needs for new dentures. Dental implants though are a permanent solution for your needs and they last a lifetime. They are artificial roots over which a crown can be placed to help you attain desired aesthetics and also lead an unrestricted life. Once implanted these titanium implants settle in few weeks and create a natural look.

The downside with implants for many is the higher costs involved in the process and the costs go up further if you are from the developed part of the world. Since health insurance plans in most cases don’t cover dental implants the higher costs of treatment can severely upset your finances. At MedCare we come to your rescue with our affordable dental implants. In fact the cost of our dental implants is only a fraction of what patients usually pay in developed parts of the world.

The MedCare Dwarka Multi-Specialty Medical Poly Clinic and Dental Lasers Centre Advantage

We know we are in a competitive industry as are hundreds of hospitals and dental clinics spread across the country aiming to attract patients from different corners of the globe. But we have developed a few inherent advantages that have helped keep us ahead of our rivals. We take pride in the fact that most of our international patients come to us through referrals as we provide highest quality care in terms of dental implants and other procedures and combine it with high level of professionalism. Here are some reasons we have become the chosen place for low cost dental implants in India –

Experienced Team

It is often said ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and so is true for every medical care provider. It takes years to build a team and we at MediCare take pride in having a team of highly qualified and skilled dentists and other staff members. Each of them has been hand-picked and brings in strong academic credentials and work experience. Our aim has constantly been to offer multiple avenues of growth and learning to our team to maintain a well-knit unit.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Infrastructure is one of the vital inputs into providing quality medical care to patients. Being a super-specialty healthcare facility we have invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure and trained our dentists and other technicians in their use. We have sourced equipment from leading players in the industry. This offers us an edge over competition and allows us to improve the quality of care offered to the patients during their implant procedure.

Affordable Packages

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to offering you low cost dental implant packages. Information on the all-inclusive packages is shared with the patients before the procedure is performed to do away with any chances of discrepancies. Our optimal use of the infrastructure and other resources has helped us constantly streamline the cost of implants and the same benefits are passed down to our patients.

Easy Communication

We understand the kind of apprehensions patients have with regards to making the trip to India for dental implants. Thus we have a dedicated team of dentists and patient service staff who answer all questions and queries regarding the procedure, availability of appointments and other queries that the patients have. Our patient service desk at the hospital assists the patients while undergoing procedure at our facility.

Travel Assistance

It has been our endeavor to help international patients in every way possible when they seek treatment with us. From providing letters to expedite their visa application forms to helping them find accommodation during their stay we have built strong reputation for assisting our patients. We don’t merely see them as patients but also guests in our country and have always walked the extra mile to ensure they leave the country satisfied not just with the treatment but also with the hospitality they experience during their stay.

At MedCare we believe our track record speaks to itself and we always wake up to a better tomorrow because of the hard work the team puts in every day.

4 Reasons You Should Explore the Option of Dental Implants in India

Are you surprised to see your friends and colleagues making a trip to India to get dental implants? You are sure to have come across their Facebook and Instagram posts about getting dental implants in India. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the country has emerged as one of the global hubs for dental care in the world.

If you are from the English speaking world you may have already come across dentists of Indian origin in your local dental office. Indians for the past few decades have stamped their authority in the global healthcare industry. But there has been a change in trend in the last two decades as the healthcare industry in India has come of age and today thousands of people travel to India for dental care and other treatment needs in what is being termed as ‘medical tourism’. Here we list for you four good reasons why you should explore the option of dental implants in India.

Expertise & Experience

We have already established the fact that Indians have earned the strong reputation in the field of medical care. If you visit a super speciality clinic in India for dental implants you stand to benefit from expertise and experience. India has hundreds of dental colleges spread across the lengths and breadths of the country which churn out thousands of practitioners each year. This has led to mushrooming of dental care clinics and super speciality medical facilities. The dentists and other support staff have developed expertise seeing millions of patients every year. It would be difficult for you to find such kind of experience and expertise elsewhere.

Lower Cost Dental Implants in India

Believe it or not, you would incur only a fraction of the expenditure compared to your own country when you opt for dental implants in Delhi or elsewhere in India. Given the lower cost of living in the country as compared to the developed parts of the world, these services are priced competitively in India. For example, it would cost an average $500 for a single dental implant in India compared to $1500 to $3000 you would spend in US. If you need to get multiple implants you can just do the math and count your savings.

Medical Care

While dental implants may be your primary reason for making a trip to India you can also take advantage of the robust medical care facility that is available in different parts of the country especially in and around New Delhi.  If you choose a super specialty clinic for your dental implant in India you would also be able to consult specialists in other fields who will advise you on the right course of medical care and treatment for your medical problems.

Communication Advantage

While many countries in Europe and Asia also offer you low cost dental implants there is always a communication barrier can make it difficult for you to get the right kind of treatment. India dentists and support staff are fluent in English which makes it just the perfect destination for you to travel for dental care.

Can you think of a better destination for the dental implant? Restore your smile and get back your lost confidence by making a trip to Indian for affordable dental implants.