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Med Care Dwarka Orthopaedic Hospital in Dwarka Delhi

At Med Care Dwarka, we have world class orthopaedic surgeons, sport and trauma surgeons, physiotherapists, rheumatologists and paediatricians at Med Care Orthopaedic Hospital in Dwarka Delhi. At our hospital, we have the latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in areas such as: bone injuries and fractures, paediatric orthopaedic surgery, foot and ankle surgery, infections of bones and joints, sports injuries, trauma surgery and rheumatology, physiotherapy, different modalities of arthroplasty and arthroscopy, as well as management of deformity correction.

Some of the latest techniques offered is cement less implants for a customized fit thus prolonging the life of the replacement. However, joint replacements do not last forever. Many people require a second replacement surgery, especially for hip joints.

This replacement, or revision, can be more difficult than the initial surgery due to the difficulty in removing the adhesive material used to hold the artificial joint in place.

We have earned the trust of generations of patients based on our track record of delivering superior clinical outcomes.

Our orthopaedic surgeons have diverse expertise and are committed to provide effective solutions to orthopaedic problems. Specialized services include arthroscopy, musculoskeletal tumour surgery and reconstruction, rheumatology and treatment for orthopaedic trauma.