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Clinic timing: 09.00 AM to 09.00 PM (Monday to Saturday) and 09.00 AM to 02.00 PM (Sunday)


Med Care Hospital in Dwarka, the multi specialty polyclinic in Dwarka, is the first of its kind having all diagnosis under one roof alongwith the latest modules in dental and skin lasers. Infrastructure and equipments at Med Care are of the best quality and international standards. Med Care assures the promise of hi-tech treatment to all our valued patients.
In dentistry, lasers are an effective way to perform many dental procedures. It is used for treatment of a highly specific area of focus without damaging the surrounding tissues. Med Care is the very first polyclinic in Dwarka Delhi having such dental laser treatments.


We have well known international brand in lasers. With the availability of both tipped and tipless hand pieces, clinical options are endless. These lasers offer the highest standard of dental treatment.

We also have CO2 or Carbon-di-oxide laser which is used for drilling and fine processing of non-metallic materials. These lasers are the highest-power continuous wave lasers which are currently available and we are proud to use it in Med Care.

The Soft-Tissue or Diode laser surgery in Med Care is a cost effective solution known for precision cuts with gum tissue, eliminating bleeding at the site and reducing healing time.



We have electrically operated ultramodern dental chair. It has one of the best features like dental operating light, low and high vaccum motorised suction cup filler with both hot and cold water control system, 24V Noiseless DC motor chair, LED film viewer, 2-3way syringe and doctors stool etc. which add to the patient comfort.



At Med Care, we have digital accurate tooth shade guide that delivers the fastest, easiest way to measure tooth shades under any lighting condition. With the help of this we can measure natural teeth, check restoration shades and track bleaching progress with the push of a button under any light condition. We can now quickly and precisely measures 16 classical shades, 29 system 3D-master shades and even those hard-to-see intermediate shades which are crucial for getting a perfect shade for best esthetic appearance.



At Med Care, we are using latest RVG (digital radiovisiography) which is the latest X-ray technology in dentistry. It is equipped with special image analysis software. Digital technology makes it possible to enlarge the dental images and help better diagnosis.



Med Care has the latest LED scaler. Which is a high end, lightweight, compact and high performance single piece device to cover Periodontics, Endodontic and scaling applications.

Supragingival scaling or subgingival concrement removal, with orthograde or retrograde endodontics, or even a restorative dentistry, anything is possible now at Med Care with such LED scaler.



Med Care is using digital imaging systems or OPG's from a leading French dental and medical group. These are innovative and accurate diagnostic tools which integrate seamlessly and easily into dental practice, enhancing the imaging process and improving workflow.

Med Care uses this OPG to provide information on:
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Periodontal bone loss
  • Finding the source of dental pain
  • Orthodontic assessment
  • Assessment for the placement of dental implants


Med Care specializes in dental implants. It has a major role in dentistry. All dental implants placed today are root-form end osseous implants, which is similar to an actual tooth root. Keeping in mind the grade and quality of tools at Med Care, we are using advanced implants from the world's most technologically advanced application specific dental implant system from Holland. We believes in redefining industry standards in oral healthcare like oral implant logy to maxillofacial surgery to restorative dentistry.



Med Care has invested in time-saving, clean and long-lasting, 3-dimensional obturation device for root canals. This equipment minimizes the risk of root fractures and gives best filling results with warm, vertical compaction.



We have latest Treadmill Test (TMT) Machine. This machine helps to find the stress on the heart. On the machine the patient walks and the readings are taken electronically.



We have invested in latest Echocardiography machine which helps diagnosis, management, and follow-up of patients with any suspected or known heart diseases. It helps us gather information like the size and shape of the heart pumping capacity and the location and extent of any tissue damage. It not only allows us to evaluate the heart valves, but it can detect abnormalities. It can help detect any coronary artery disease.

Images of equipments shown here are for representation purpose only.