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Dentist in Dwarka - visit to a best dentist in the city

Dentist in Dwarka - visit to a best dentist in the city
Med Care hospital in Dwarka has a strong team of dentists. We specialize in a variety of dental procedures: crowns & bridges, laser dentistry, rotary endodontic systems , aesthetic veneers & crowns, vital & non-vital bleaching, inlays & onlays, single sitting root canal treatment, use of Magnifying loupes, endodontic surgeries, atraumatic painless tooth extraction, surgical tooth extractions of impacted teeth, dental implants, dental and facial trauma management, treatment of jaw cyst & tumors, orthognathic surgery, jaw joint diseases, invisalign, ceramic brackets, lingual braces, jaw growth modifying appliances & surgical orthodontics, pulpectomy, pulpotomy, stainless steel crowns , space maintainer, apexification, oral habits correction appliance, pit & fissure sealants and fluoride application etc.

A specialty-based practice in our centers ensures that the dental concerns of our patrons are cared for by super-specialists. There are 8 branches in dentistry, and we have specific dentist in Dwarka center for all of them. Visit to a Dentist in the City, backed by state-of-the art infrastructure, our team of highly qualified, dedicated and trained professionals aim to deliver.

Keeping in mind our quality- conscious clientele, we are committed towards consistent excellence as well as up gradation of our facilities and medical expertise.

We offer a complete range of modern and professional dental treatments to make tooth care stress-free, smart and painless.

Tooth Truths!

  • Keep your toothbrush at least 6 feet away from toilet to avoid airborne particles from the flush.
  • Always replace your toothbrush after cold, sore throat or notorious infection as bacterial planted on the toothbrush can lead to re-infection.
  • Placing a cap on the toothbrush head actually favors bacterial growth as moisture in enclosed containers encourages the growth of bacteria.
  • Vigorous brushing can lead to eroded enamel, which never grows back causing teeth sensitivity along with other oral problems.