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Med Care also offers highly advanced technology in the medical and dental field. State-of-the-art Digital OPG machine, dental and skin lasers add value to the patient care. Each and every equipment and material used at Med Care conforms to international standards. Our sterilization protocol matches internationally accepted procedure. Med Care offers excellent patient care with commitment and convenience. Our friendly and informed staff will help you with your queries and educate you about dental and medical procedures.

Dental Implants Cost in India – Are They Really Expensive?

Let us start by stating two obvious facts – Fact 1 - Most Indians don’t opt for dental implants as they 

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Teeth Implants in India – 5 Interesting Things You Must Know

At Med Care Multi-Speciality Medical Poly Clinic, Dwarka we have introduced low-cost dental implants in India. With our team of super 

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4 Reasons You Should Explore the Option of Dental Implants in India

Are you surprised to see your friends and colleagues making a trip to India to get dental implants? You are sure 

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How MedCare Dwarka Has Become the Chosen Clinic for Low Cost Dental Implants in India

Ever since the dawn of the new millennia India has been taking giant strides in every field and is on the 

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India on the Road to Being World’s Dental Implant Capital

For those keeping close watch on global dynamics, the story of China and India becoming a part of international discourse wouldn’t 

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Get Implants – They Restore Your Smile and Don’t Burn Your Pocket

Who doesn’t wish to have a beautiful smile? It after all makes you confident and adds to your personality. But there 

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Laser Dentistry – A Wonderful Treatment For Multiple Dental Issues

If you are experiencing dental problems and have carried out basic research about the treatment options, you would have definitely heard 

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Reputable Dental Clinic in Dwarka Can Transform Your Life

Do you no longer smile with confidence? Has a broken or missing tooth snatched away that beautiful smile you were once 

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All You Need To Know About Dental Implants in Delhi

If a friend or a colleague has been singing praises after getting a dental implant of late, don’t be surprised. There 

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